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Grasp's new features: AI-Powered innovations for customer Service

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28 June, 2023
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In the realm of customer service, generative AI has emerged as a game-changer. At Grasp, we're at the cutting edge of this revolution, leveraging this transformative technology to enhance our services and provide unparalleled customer support. Now even 3 times faster! 🚀🚀🚀

Navigating this new landscape involves a delicate balance between technological breakthroughs and practical applications. As we discussed in our previous blog 'Optimising ChatGPT for customer service: a guide' Large language models (LLMs), while impressive, can sometimes provide incorrect information while sounding plausible. This has led us to critically evaluate how to effectively apply this technology and make it truly beneficial for our users.

We're committed to cutting through the hype by delivering tangible, AI-powered features that our customers can use. After tireless efforts to integrate this new GPT technology into Grasp, we've rolled out these features to an extensive number of customers. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we're happy to share these beta features with you today.

Suggest: speed up composing, big time 💫

Based on our research, we've noticed that our users spend a lot of time writing messages to their customers. To make this process faster, we've put a lot of effort into understanding how AI can help. That's why we created a feature called Suggest, which is designed to boost agent productivity. With just one click, Suggest generates answers that fit the context of the conversation. You can also give it extra instructions to add more details. Suggest prepares these answers by using information from previous conversations and other knowledge about your company, products, or ongoing campaigns. SUGGEST.webp

Summarise: get to the point, quickly 💯

In the busy world of customer support, vital context can often be lost in the midst of conversations. To tackle this, we've created 'Summarise', an AI-powered tool that generates a concise summary of a complete customer conversation or even an entire timeline with a simple click. Summarise enables you to quickly summarise all the important information into brief bullet points, allowing your colleagues to grasp the situation without the time-consuming process of searching, reading, and scrolling through contextual timelines. Summarize.webp

Change Tone: Strike the right chord, bang bang 💥💥

Communication is key in customer service, and the tone of voice can make all the difference. We've introduced 'Make more friendly' and 'Make more formal', a feature that allows users to adjust the tone of their responses with a simple click, making them friendlier or more formal as needed. Change tone.webp

Improve: Finding the right words, instantly 🔎

Crafting the perfect response can be challenging, especially when dealing with a high volume of queries. Our 'Improve' feature allows you to find the right words by pressing a button to rephrase your message and improve it with better wording. Improve automatically rewrites sentences, allowing you to express ideas in different ways while maintaining the original meaning and improving readability. Improve.webp

Expand: Elaborating ideas, ready when you are 🌱

One of our more significant features is 'Expand'. This tool allows users to write short notes or bullet points and then uses AI to elaborate on them, turning them into a comprehensive response. EXPAND.webp

Fix spelling and grammer: no 'free interpretations' 🖍️

Elevate the quality of your communication and speed up ticket resolving times. The fix spelling feature empowers users to effortlessly correct spelling and grammar mistakes. Seamlessly integrated within the compose panel of your inbox, this AI-driven tool analyses your text and makes accurate corrections, ensuring your messages are error-free and convey a professional tone without free interpretations or hallucinations whatsoever.

This is just the beginning...

We are merely at the beginning of all these AI advancements. However, at Grasp, we believe that these current and upcoming developments in AI will revolutionise the customer service industry. We are incredibly excited about how the world, including customer service, will undergo significant changes in the coming months and years. That's why we will keep you informed in this blog about our experiences and, of course, our progress in introducing new features that will make your life as a service representative or manager much easier.

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