Helpdesk software for optimal customer service

Whether you receive dozens or thousands of messages a day, you want to give every customer the same attention. For companies without an organised system, this is a tough job. With good helpdesk software, however, customer service becomes top priority and empowers you to be there for every customer on every channel.

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What is helpdesk software?

Helpdesk software allows customer service team to respond to all incoming queries quickly and efficiently from a single system. Messages from different channels - such as e-mail, live chat, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram - end up in the same well-organised inbox

Helpdesk software for teams

No matter how small or large your team, there is a helpdesk solution for everyone.

Customer service
Respond to customer queries and complaints quickly and efficiently.
Handle cases or tickets for (internal) IT support.
Technical support
Handle cases or tickets voor technical (product) support.
Easily maintain close communication with colleagues on site.
Sales support
Follow up on leads and maintain easy customer contact.
HR & recruitment
Easily maintain communication with applicants during the recruitment process and afterwards.

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the benefits
of helpdesk software

Helpdesk software has several advantages for small to medium-sized companies
looking to organise their customer service smartly. Working from a single system makes
your service team a lot more productive. Moreover, you no longer need to switch between
different inboxes, tabs or spreadsheets. The key benefits at a glance:

1. Crystal clear overview in one central place

Whereas in the past you’d switch between different inboxes, tabs or spreadsheets, you work from a single central system with helpdesk software. Regardless of the channel used, all messages are received and answered in the shared team inbox. This allows you to merge the full conversation history, easily tag colleagues or make notes for extra context - all from one helpdesk tool.

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2. The same experience on every channel

It does not matter through which channel you receive or send messages. With helpdesk software, you control every channel from the same customer service tool, and so you offer the same response time and service everywhere. This way, customers decide where to start the conversation, and feel heard everywhere.

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3. Respond with an unlimited number of employees or teams

Helpdesk software is specifically designed for multiple employees or teams to handle customer messages. So if your team or company grows, the helpdesk tool grows along, without limitations.

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4. A complete customer view thanks to integrations

Not only does helpdesk software help you to quickly access the entire call history, you can also easily integrate your own systems with your customer service solution. Link it to your CRM or order system, for instance, and create a complete customer view from a single tool.


5. Collaborate on messages

Have you received a customer query that requires input from colleagues? With helpdesk software, you tag them very easily. You use the same system for consultation, and archive internal conversations to provide extra context. That way, your whole team knows what's going on the next time you have a chat, and your customer will be helped right away.

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6. Prioritise correctly

No matter how many messages you receive each day, with helpdesk software you always sort them using handy filters and labels. That’s how you create an overview in your customer service tool, showing the most important conversations that need immediate attention.

whatsapp chatbot

7. Help from smart features

Are you getting the same type of questions over and over again? Let helpdesk software assist you! A chatbot, for instance, can automatically answer simple questions. You can welcome customers with an auto-reply, or use handy answer templates to respond as quick as lightning.


8. Boost performance based on insights

With helpdesk software, you can easily gather insights from your service teams. Think of response and handling times, topics most frequently addressed, or customer feedback. Make decisions based on insights and optimise not only your customer service, but also your product development, marketing and sales.

Helpdesk software for each channel

Your customer decides how to get in touch, while you maintain an overview.

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