A high five on each channel

Customers deserve the same service, regardless of the channel they use. Good luck trying to manage that. Not to worry: with Grasp, you offer the same customer experience everywhere. No hassle.

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multiple channels,
the same attention

A single central inbox for multiple channels

Logging in on every channel separately and managing multiple inboxes? Gone is your focus - too bad for your customer experience. From now on, you respond to all channels from a single inbox. As a consequence, your customer experiences the same service everywhere, and you keep an overview.

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Always strike in one go

No one wants to tell their story twice. With Grasp's clear timeline, you can instantly whip up the entire conversation history and events. Even if these took place through different channels. This way, your entire team knows what’s going on, and your customer is helped out properly right away.

An extra channel without hassle

Do you want to be on your customer's favourite channel? Whether you’d like to add one, two or ten channels, Grasp makes it super simple. Even for multiple brands or WhatsApp numbers. That’s how extra channels get the same attention, while you optimise your customer experience.

The same response times everywhere

Whatever channel your customers use, you can boost their loyalty by replying as quick as lightning. Using Grasp, you can respond to all messages from a single central inbox. By offering the same response time everywhere, your customer is never left waiting for too long.

Grip on your customer service starts with Grasp

A relief for your team, with a high five after every contact.

  • Accessible in a flash through multiple channels
  • Continuous English support
  • 14-day free trial