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3 September, 2021
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You know the drill: be where your customers are. The more flexible you are in the way you welcome your (potential) customers - through the channel(s) of their choice - the more powerful your customer support. The only potential problem is an inbox overflowing with messages from various contact channels, awaiting reply, creating a mess.

Or not! We are happy to report that you can merge your contacts and their properties to generate a single overview of all customers’ activities. This feature brings together contact conversations stemming from chat, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct messages.

Why it’s unique

You are able to merge contact details including their related conversations. We differentiate ourselves from other competitors by empowering you to merge your contacts, related conversations and channels without losing any data or having to choose between one or the other.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this feature is the option to unlink the merge. Once you have merged a contact but need to undo this, you can simply unlink them with one click.

So how does it work? Easy!

  • To start merging your contacts, click on the avatar of your contact and select ‘Merge contact’.
  • Then fill in the name of the contact you would like to merge.
  • Select the correct contact, click on ‘Merge’, and don’t forget to hit ‘Close’. Your contacts are now merged.
  • To unlink a contact, click on the x next to the communication channels, fill in the proper contact information and click unlink.

Happy merging!

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