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Inboxes bursting at their seams, missed appointments and lost opportunities. With Grasp, your team regains the overview, and your customers get the attention they deserve.

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One team, one inbox

(and now, with AI superpowers...)

Timeline to battle the chaos

The more customers, the more contact moments, the more risk of chaos. With Grasp's timeline, your team keeps an overview, no matter how fast your company grows. Everyone knows exactly what was previously discussed, and with whom. This way your customers never have to tell their story twice.

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Faster together

When faced with a tricky customer question, involve your colleague sooner to make your response time drop. Don't keep struggling: tag team members or link the conversation to the right colleague. This way you can come up with a complete answer faster, and your customers never have to wait too long.

Fair message distribution

Complex questions should not be left in the queue for too long. Grasp divides all tasks fairly amongst your team, preventing the simple questions from being cherry-picked. That’s how we keep your team members on point and make sure that difficult topics also receive quick attention.

The control room for all your channels

Logging in on every channel separately and managing multiple inboxes? Gone is your focus. From now on, your entire team can manage all channels from a single inbox, which is good news for both your colleagues and your customers.

Undivided attention begins with Grasp

A relief for your team, with a high five after every contact.

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  • Continuous English support
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