WhatsApp for Business API

Connecting with your customers via WhatsApp can be beneficial. But if you are not able to collaborate with your team on a stable WhatsApp connection it can be challenging.

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Whatsapp official API

Our business API creates a connection between our WhatsApp service software and the most popular messaging service in the world.

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No phone required

A physical set up is no longer needed, you are directly connected to your WhatsApp Business account.

Scanning QR codes are history

An Official WhatsApp Business account doesn't need any refreshing and is connected 24/7.

Industry’s fastest set up

You are connected to an official WhatsApp API in just three easy steps!

Whatsapp Business API pricing

An official WhatsApp API does not have to be expensive. We offer the first official WhatsApp API connection for free.

Scan. Type. Boom.

Connect with your customers via WhatsApp instantly. Try it yourself, scan the QR code and connect with us. Feel the blaze?

Customer service software for growing teams

Case management
Know which customer needs an answer now, and which coworker is dealing with a customer.
Involve colleagues or suppliers easily into conversations with an email address. Keep your team in sync and never lose track.
Quick answers
Use pre-canned replies or knowledge to respond rapidly, personally and consistently.
Multi channel support
Connect live chat, e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger to the multichannel inbox.
Groups & brands
Managers or team leads can easily create teams of employees with different skills and responsibilities.
Private notes
Take notes on the conversation that are not visible to your customer. So your team is always up to date!
View various standard reports including response times, agent activity and conversation handling times.
Platform integrations
Integrate with apps or e-commerce platforms such as Magento and unlock customer value for every conversation.
Both the software and system messages are available in several languages. Additional languages can be added.

Grip on WhatsApp begins with Grasp

A relief for your team, with a high five after every contact.

  • Accessible in a flash through multiple channels
  • Continuous English support
  • 14-day free trial