Getting your mailbox under control

There’s nothing wrong with common email systems, but if you get lots of customer emails every day, you are ready for something more advanced. Get your inbox overview back with Grasp, and never send an email too many - or too few.

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keeping an overview,
from a single inbox

A single inbox for all your email traffic

Managing multiple email accounts? Grasp gathers all emails in one inbox, distributing them across your teams. They only get to see the messages that are relevant to their team. This way you keep an overview, and your customer is helped right away.

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Sorting is half the battle

If your emails are clearly sorted, you’re better equipped to decide which one to respond to first. Grasp automatically labels your incoming emails and puts them in the right folder - so you and your team can get started with the most important messages right away.

Fast, but personal

Do you receive loads of emails requiring the same response? Get comfortable with precomposed email templates. This saves your team time - and your customers are helped out quickly.

Email using Grasp

When emailing customers turns into pleasure

Use labels to sort out your inbox.
Forward emails to your colleagues so they can think along.
Quick responses
Save time with email templates.
New team, new view
Create multiple team views for multiple teams.
Multiple brands
Merge various mail accounts in one inbox.
Round Robin
Automate the assignment of customer questions.
Office 365 and Gmail
Fetch emails automatically from your current mail systems.
Complete data
Never lose info when merging customer data.
Allow colleagues to observe certain conversations.

Grip on every channel

Manage multiple channels from the same inbox while maintaining an overview.


The entire history in front of you

Today your customer sent an email, yesterday a WhatsApp message. When trying to respond fast and well, being able to access the complete conversation history makes all the difference. Grasps shows all customer contact moments on a single timeline - even if they took place in other systems.

Connect your systems

Through our API you can create even more complete customer profiles by integrating your own systems.

Set-up? Sorted.

We’ll walk you through every step so you can get started with emailing in no time.

Your personal success manager

From trial to loyal customer: you always get a dedicated contact person at Grasp who knows what’s going on.

Grip on your emails? Get Grasp.

Relax your team and satisfy your customers.

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