Get in touch right away on Facebook Messenger

Your followers are your fans already. Add the chat function, and they will adore you. Link Facebook Messenger to Grasp and turn 'likers' into 'lovers'.

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close to your customers, wherever they are

Standing by the entire customer journey

Reply to questions, offer visitors a helping hand or give the final push for a purchase or a reservation: Facebook Messenger shortens the distance between you and your customer even further.

Always one click away

Simplify things for your customers: make sure they can get in touch with your service team in just one click. Whether they're on your Facebook page, scrolling through your latest posts, or coming across one of your ads.

All your channels in one place

Merge Facebook Messenger and all your other communication channels in one clear team inbox. This way, you all share responsibilities for each channel and divide tasks fairly whilst collecting customer data from different sources in one place.

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Facebook Messenger through Grasp

Give customers an awesome experience by working together efficiently.

Reply quickly
Use message templates to respond faster to frequently asked questions.
React automatically
Reply to simple questions automatically and save time for complex issues.
Collect insights
Track how many Facebook conversations have been dealt with, what the response times are, and more.
For all your brands
Quickly connect multiple Facebook accounts to Grasp, including those linked to other brands.
More than just text
Add screenshots, videos, files and voice messages to conversations.
Stable connection
Always rely on a stable connection: Grasp uses the official Instagram Messenger API.

Combine Facebook with other channels

Your customer decides how to get in touch, while you maintain an overview.


The same service for each brand

Does your support team manage multiple brands on Facebook? They’ll be more efficient by working from one and the same team inbox. Easily link multiple Facebook pages to Grasp, and keep an overview of your brands. This helps your team focus on what matters most, and gets each one of your brands a ‘like’ for great service.

No more hassle

An always-on connection with Facebook Messenger. No more fiddling with phones or designated colleagues.

Set-up? Sorted.

We’ll walk you through every step so you can get started with Facebook Messenger in no time.

Your personal success manager

From trial to loyal customer: you always get a dedicated contact person at Grasp who knows what’s going on.

Grip on Facebook Messenger? Start with Grasp

A relief for your team, with a high five after every contact.

  • Accessible in a flash through multiple channels
  • Continuous English support
  • 14-day free trial