Professionalizing your customer service

No more hassle with multiple phones and fragmented inboxes - you're done with all that. With Grasp you professionalize your customer service and offer the same customer experience everywhere.

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a happier team,
and satisfied customers

Be accessible to your customer

All day - and night - your customers walk around with questions. The minute they get in touch when there’s nobody available for support, they’ll get an immediate predefined template. Messages that do deserve personal attention will be waiting for you the next working day. In order of priority - so you can deal with each issue one by one.

Keep an overview in one central place

A text here, an email there… Tough to keep track of all that’s going on. With Grasp, you can finally answer all your message easily, from one central place, regardless of the channel. That phone of yours? Leave it in your pocket, and enjoy a perfect overview of your entire customer communication.

Each team the same service

It no longer matters which department picks up the phone to help out a customer: every team member deserves the same service quality. Using Grasp, everyone work together from one team inbox, and questions are always dealt with with undivided attention. This way you offer a consistent experience everywhere, and your customer gets the service he is used to.

Ready for tomorrow’s challenges

A growing organisation requires a scalable solution. What a relief when it turns out that you can easily link extra channels, teams or systems. That’s why Grasp is a great way to scale up, or to enrich your timeline with data from your CRM or order systems. Enjoy a complete solution that makes you all set for tomorrow’s challenges.

Grip on your customer service starts with Grasp

A relief for your team, with a high five after every contact.

  • Accessible in a flash through multiple channels
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