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1 July, 2022
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Get ready for our new brand identity: Grasp! After 10 years Casengo, it was time for a makeover. Our new identity reflects better what we want to convey: that the way people and companies communicate can be simpler, faster and a lot more fun. A new name and logo, energetic colours and playful illustrations, and - as icing on the cake - a new inbox since June 30th.

Over the past decade, we’ve seen significant changes in customer contact. Companies take it much more seriously, social media are slowly but surely evolving into primary service channels, and end customers make themselves heard more strongly than ever.

Make conversations count

Casengo placed a heavy focus on case management. These days, customer service is about much more than handling questions, cases or tickets. Customers don't want to be treated like numbers; they want to feel heard, seen and - above all - understood. This applies not only to your website or ecommerce, but also to your customer service.

It was, in other words, time to work on our story. We are proud to present to you: our new name and direction.


We designed Grasp to better match the needs of our existing and new users. Our new brand identity also reflects how we keep improving our products, with a vigilant eye on what you and your customers want. Because we believe that each service team - small or large - should be able to give the same attention to every conversation, in a simple, fast and fun way. That's Grasp.

What this means for you

You won’t be able to miss it since we went live on June 30th: together with our new brand identity, we introduced a new team inbox. This inbox is all about the central timeline, showing all contact moments in a single screen, regardless of the channels your customers chose to get in touch with you. In a few clicks, you’ll get an overview of the entire customer relationship - and much more.

We’re shifting our attention to how you can get closer to your customers. You'll notice this in our new website, which will inspire you with the newest developments, research and customer stories. But not to worry: all the good stuff stays. You’ll keep your regular contacts, and we’re not changing anything about your monthly subscription price.

Discover our new team-inbox


For you, from the writer:


Make conversations count

Grasp untangles your lines of communication and creates one story from all your contact moments. It’s how you regain control of your customer service. And now, with Grasp's AI superpowers, exceptional productivity is unleashed.

Get a grip on your customer service with Grasp

  • Accessible in a flash through multiple channels
  • Continuous English support
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