WhatsApp Business API for optimal customer service

Your customers have been emailing friends for years, and want to do the same with your organisation. With Grasp, you provide optimal customer service through the official WhatsApp Business API.

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For multiple users and teams

Respond to WhatsApp messages with multiple users or teams simultaneously.

No need for a phone

No hassle with phones, but a direct connection with WhatsApp.

Set-up? Sorted.

From the WhatsApp verification to set-up, we fully unburden you.

These brands use the WhatsApp Business API through Grasp
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Why opt for the WhatsApp Business API?

Whether you receive tens, hundreds or thousands of messages a day, the WhatsApp Business API makes sure that your whole team can respond simultaneously. Even with multiple WhatsApp number and without a phone - making the WhatsApp Business API ideal for medium to large organisations.

Using the WhatsApp Business API requires an integration with customer service software such as Grasp. But don’t let that stop you: from WhatsApp authentication to set-up, we’re happy to unburden you.

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WhatsApp for Business API through Grasp

Provide optimal customer service with WhatsApp for Business.

Verified account
Enjoy a verified account, building trust. Your customers will know they’re really talking to you.
For multiple users
Reply to WhatsApp messages with multiple users or teams simultaneously.
Message templates
Use WhatsApp's pre-approved templates for a smooth auto-reply process.
Official connection
Be sure of a stable connection, always. Grasp uses the official WhatsApp Business API.
For multiple numbers
Quickly link one or more WhatsApp numbers to your account, also from other brands.
Automatic responses
Answer simple questions automatically and save time for complex matters.
No need for a phone
No hassle with phones, but a direct connection with WhatsApp.
For multiple teams
Route messages to specific teams for proper follow-up.
Gather insights
Track how many WhatsApp conversations have been handled, what the response times were, and more.

WhatsApp Business
through Grasp


Multiple users, a single inbox

Link the WhatsApp Business API to the Grasp team inbox, and enable your service team to receive all messages in a single overview, without needing a phone. Pretty convenient! Grasp puts messages in the right order straight away so your team can get to work effectively.

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Personal help with set-up

No natural affinity with technical stuff, or just too busy? At Grasp, we don’t believe in complicated set-ups or onboarding processes. We’re happy to connect you and take care of the set-up, guaranteeing a stable connection and empowering your team to get to work quickly.


WhatsApp as the ideal channel to boost customer comfort

Each year, SAUDIA’s Guest Care team responds to a million customer conversations through WhatsApp. This is now the preferred communication channel of most travellers. 'And our agents are also extremely satisfied that Grasp saves them time.'

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