WhatsApp: the ultimate channel for your customer service

Stand by your customers and respond to their WhatsApp messages from a single team inbox. Boost both service and sales with Grasp's customer service and helpdesk software.

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Boost service & sales

Help your customers get started or give them that extra push in making an (online) purchase.

No need for a phone

No more fiddling with phones, but a direct connection to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp customer service from a single team inbox

Reply to WhatsApp messages with your entire team, from a single system.


WhatsApp customer service from a single system

Adding WhatsApp to your customer service requires an organised system. With Grasp's team inbox, all messages end up in one overview, even when using multiple WhatsApp numbers or communication channels. Your team can keep an overview and your customers never wait long for a reply.

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Create a complete customer view

With Grasp's unique timeline, your service team can view all customer contacts together at a glance. Regardless of the channel, Grasp displays data from other systems - or the entire conversation history. That’s how you easily track information, and offer your customers always get a complete answer.


Personalised support with set-up

At Grasp, we don’t believe in complex set-up or onboarding. We are happy to help you implement WhatsApp for your customer service. This way, your customers can reach you in no time, and you can boost your service and sales through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp using Grasp

Boost your customer service and sales from a single system.

The same number for all
Receive and send WhatsApp messages as a team, using the same phone number.
Automatic responses
Answer simple questions automatically and save time for complex matters.
Stable connection
Be sure of a stable connection, always. Grasp uses the official WhatsApp Business API.
Your profile as a business card
Turn WhatsApp into a business card: enter your logo, company info and opening hours in your profile.
Enrich your website
Show website visitors that you’re on WhatsApp and allow them to text you online.
More context
Add screenshots, videos, gifs, files and voice messages to conversations for extra context.
Gather insights
Track how many WhatsApp conversations have been handled, what the response times were, and more.
Message templates
Use WhatsApp's pre-approved templates for a smooth auto-reply process.
Suitable for multiple brands
Link multiple WhatsApp numbers to your account, also from other brands.

WhatsApp as the ideal channel to boost customer comfort

Each year, SAUDIA’s Guest Care team has about a million customer conversations through WhatsApp, by now the favourite communication channel of most travelers. 'And our agents are very happy that Grasps saves them time.'

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These brands offer WhatsApp customer service through Grasp

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