WhatsApp for business

Allow your customers to get in touch through WhatsApp, the popular communication channel to improve your customer experience. A great way to boost your service and sales.

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Accessible contact

Maak it easy for your customers by offering their favourite channel.

For small and larger businesses

No matter how small or large your organisation is, Whatsapp Business fits any service team.

Boost your service & sales

Get your customers started or give them the extra push in making an (online) purchase.

These brands successfully use WhatsApp for Business
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WhatsApp: the channel with global reach

Increase your accessibility with WhatsApp and connect to the world's most popular communication channel. With over 12 million users in the Netherlands and 2 billion users around the world, you can reach your customers anytime, anywhere.

Lower the threshold and discover new opportunities to boost conversion and unburden your customer service teams.

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WhatsApp for

More than just text
Add screenshots, videos, gifs, files and voice messages to conversations for extra context.
Automatic responses
Answer simple questions automatically and save time for complex matters.
Enrich your website
Show website visitors that you’re on WhatsApp and allow them to text you online.
The same number for all
Receive and send WhatsApp messages as a team, using the same phone number.
For multiple brands
Quickly link multiple WhatsApp numbers to your account, also from other brands.
WhatsApp Business profile
Turn WhatsApp into a business card: enter your logo, company info and opening hours in your profile.

WhatsApp for Business
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Getting started with WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for Business offers many opportunities for your organisation, but how can you set up this additional communication channel? To get you off to a flying start, we put together a list with steps you can follow to implement WhatsApp for Business like a pro, enjoying all of its benefits.

whatsapp business profile

WhatsApp for your customer service

Unlock a wealth of opportunities by boosting your customer service and sales through WhatsApp. Introduce your company with a WhatsApp Business profile, featuring address details, opening hours and useful links. Enrich your WhatsApp messages with emojis or files, and use pre-built templates for quick replies.

Connect WhatsApp to the Grasp team inbox and keep an overview of all messages. This way, everyone knows exactly what was discussed, and with whom.


Get support from Grasp’s WhatsApp chatbot

Ideally, you’d answer every WhatsApp message personally. But when times are busy, the chatbot is on standby. Customers with simple questions can quickly move on, whilst the chatbot forwards more complex questions directly to your team.

Grip on WhatsApp begins with Grasp

Allow customers to get in touch through WhatsApp and improve your customer experience.

  • Accessible in a flash through multiple channels
  • Continuous English support
  • 14-day free trial