5 ways Grasp is integrating AI with ChatGPT

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10 April, 2023
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When ChatGPT launched in November 2022, we at Grasp understood immediately the significance how the landscape of customer service would change. We immediately moved to the drawing board and defined 5 pillars on how we would embrace the future of customer service.

Our goal is to empower you to provide outstanding customer experiences while boosting your team's productivity. We understand the importance of adapting to this AI revolution and are here to support you every step of the way. Together, let's unlock the potential of AI and revolutionise customer engagement.

1. Embracing the power of consolidation

Now, in the era of AI, the consolidation of tools is not just a cost-saving measure, but a necessity for effective operation. Ensuring that our systems and data can communicate seamlessly is crucial to enhancing the quality of work that AI can augment. For Grasp, integrating your customer data and internal knowledge with your help desk team is crucial to deliver top-notch customer service experiences.

2. Shifting focus to complex tasks

AI tools have the potential to free up our support workers to focus on more complex issues. As AI takes over simple tasks, our representatives can concentrate on resolving intricate inquiries. This shift in focus is not just a prediction but a reality we're already experiencing at Grasp. Our team is now able to devote more time to high-value tasks, such as addressing billing changes for high-value customers or debugging integration errors.

3. Reimagining roles

While it's true that some support roles may be automated, this also presents an opportunity to create new career paths within our teams. At Grasp, we're exploring roles that focus on training to drive bot intelligence, data analysis and knowledge base article creation. We're also looking at roles that involve managing automation, as these will be crucial for the successful implementation of AI.

4. Expanding support to include operations

As we shift our focus to more complex issues, we foresee the scope of support expanding into operations. We're already seeing the emergence of support ops teams dedicated to managing high-stakes support issues that require thoughtful human intervention. At Grasp, we're anticipating the transition of former customer support roles into these new roles, focusing on delivering a superior customer experience through documentation, tools, and automation.

5. The pace of change will accelerate

In this era of AI, we're all learning as we go. It may seem daunting, but it's also a time of immense opportunity to elevate service teams and achieve unprecedented goals. AI is pushing the boundaries of what we can accomplish, and at Grasp, we're excited to ride this wave and further shape the future of customer support.

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