Automation: informing customers without talking to them

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22 January, 2021
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Customers need your attention, even if your support agents are busy or unavailable. It’s a common frustration for everyone involved: you want your agents to handle as many cases as possible, but you also want to make your customers feel heard 24/7. To make sure your customers receive the information they need without putting too much pressure on your agents, we created a new product feature: automation!

Automation rules are activated by triggers, which you can set through the trigger dropdown menu. Think of changes in the case status, incoming message or a customer reaching out outside of business hours. If you would like to set up a message outside business hours, you can enter your business hours in the automated message. Make sure you send your messages on the date and at the time that suits them best. It is possible to delay your messages with a maximum of 23 hours, when you don’t want to bother your customers in the middle of the night.

The automation rules are versatile and customizable. You can set them up in the way that works best for your customer support team, by sending an update when your customer’s case changes to ‘pending’, for instance, or a thank you note, with a link to a survey when you resolved their case.

As with many of our features, the strength of automation lies in its multichannel possibilities. Would you like to thank your customers on WhatsApp after a chat conversation, or to let them know through Messenger that your office is closed on Sundays, or to email them an automated update? It's all possible!

How to set up

Automation is available for all plans. You can set up your automation rules in the Casengo menu. Go to the top right corner of your Casengo inbox, click on the menu and hit "Automation".

To set up your automation, you will need to fill in the following fields.

First name your automation rule. Choose the channel in which your new rule belongs. If you would like to turn your rule into a multichannel one, click on “add channel”. Select a trigger option. If you would like to use the “out of business hours” option, please fill in your business hours. Fill in the message you would like to send. Fill in the frequency. Would you like to send this message just once or repeatedly? Remove existing labels from the case. Would you like to exclude any labels from your automation? Hit “create automation”, and you’re ready to go!

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