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30 June, 2022
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Amsterdam, 30 June 2022 - Today, Casengo undergoes a radical transformation: the service platform for happier customers is now called Grasp. The rebranding affects not only the name and logo; the website and team inbox have also been given a complete upgrade.

Together with the transformation of the brand identity, the company also introduces a new team inbox with a sleek, omnichannel timeline. This timeline lists all contact moments per customer, regardless of the communication channel. "This offers small and larger customer service teams a much better overview, and customers are helped better and faster, through whatever channel," says CEO Floris van der Veen. "Whether customers get in touch through WhatsApp, the socials, live chat, email or your own systems, you can easily add everything together and get an instant view of the entire customer relationship."

Why would a strong brand sprout into something new? In the 10 years since Casengo was founded, the world of customer contact has changed considerably. Social media made consumers more articulate and impatient. The COVID-19 pandemic increased the demand for good digital customer service, and Casengo's position also gained momentum in the last 3 years. Customer service is no longer merely about handling cases or tickets. "Customers don’t want to be treated like a number anymore. They want to be heard," says Van der Veen. "Otherwise, they’re off to the competition in no time.”

Grasp helps customer service employees to get in touch with customers more proactively. Where Casengo focused on case management, Grasp focuses on the conversations themselves, with more consideration for the end customer. Whatever the conversation is about, Grasp believes that it deserves equal attention.

Saudi Airlines, fashion brand Kenneth Cole and MTN - Africa's largest mobile network operator - have extensively tested the new platform and enjoy using it to make conversations with their customers count.

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