Launching Instagram Direct Message (beta)

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12 June, 2020
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Slowly but surely we are accepting the new reality that COVID-19 brought about. In the post-pandemic world, social distancing is the norm. Online, however, we seek connection more than ever. So we are happy to report that Grasp will cover one of the most popular social media channels in lockdown: Instagram.

Instagram Direct Messages is yet another communication channel to be added to Grasp. Just like Chatbot - to be released very soon - it will soon become available for all our users. Our omnichannel timeline not only shows each interaction between customers and companies (via email, chat, Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram) but also offers an easy overview of recent orders and purchase history. This will show your team - possibly working from home - what each customer needs.

Especially in times of crisis, it’s crucial not to miss any customer messages. Our customers need us, and we need them. By centralizing your complete customer support operation in a single inbox, and enjoying our smart collaboration and reporting features, you can reply 3 times as fast as before. And that number will rise: next month we’ll launch Grasp Chatbot to help you scale up your customer service team. And so, as your team works together like a pandemic-proof machine, your customer satisfaction will gradually increase, as will your revenue, productivity and conversion rates. Stay safe.

Sign up for the closed beta (free of charge) and we will help you integrate your Instagram page in a minute! Please note that we can only accept a limited number of candidates at this time.

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