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23 June, 2021
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Certain customers feel like they are 'yours': you're the one who takes care of their questions time after time, you’re the one who’s getting to know their wishes. How frustrating is it, then, when a colleague decides to take over and replies to their questions without you knowing it, just like that? With Contact Labeling, one of our newest features, you can connect specific contacts to specific teams or team members. Create a routing on an individual contact level that works for your company structure.

How does it work?

Labels are your ultimate tool for an organized inbox. Grasp already empowered you to connect labels to any of your channels, and now you can attach them to any of your contacts. Each message with a connected label will be routed to the according team. Connect a contact label to an individual contact, and whenever (s)he sends a message, it will be routed to you. Come right here, baby!

You can give a label any name you like. The possibilities are limitless and completely adjustable to your company’s workflow. Workflows can be created for customers who need to be connected to specific agents or teams. You can also give your customers a label that fits the process stage they are in, like a specific sales process.

Let’s label your contacts!

If you have been using our labels feature to label specific channels, starting with contact labels is as easy. You add labels in the Grasp admin panel. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator. Go to the top right corner of your Grasp inbox, click on the menu and hit "labels" under “more”.

Click on “Labels” Enter your label name, hit the “enter button” and save. To add the label to your team, go to Teams. Select or create the team you would like to add the label to, and select your label.

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