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30 March, 2021
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Whether your service department receives fifty or thousand messages a day, it’s crucial to get organized, especially when dealing with different teams. Let’s zoom in on one of our most elegant features: Team Labels, an efficient and elegant way to create the ideal workflow for your company structure.

How does it work?

You can add any label to any channels and incoming message, making it easier to route them to the right team. You can also create team structures by department, country, product group, brand, and by first, second or third line support. The easiest way to do so is to create a workflow by department. With Team Labels, you can channel the messages to specific teams.

By department 3.png

Does your customer support team work in various international groups? Be sure to structure by country! Channels can be segmented by incoming country, and the labels will be directed to the according teams.

Flow Country.png

Are you operating on different levels with your customer support? Team Labels empowers you to create a workflow intended to help your employees forward tough customer questions to the next level of the support line, in case they get stuck. Just assign the label of the second level to the case and remove the existing one.

By level 5.png

The strength of Team Labels lies in its multifunctional use, easily combined with other features like Automation and Chatbot. Adding Team Labels to Automation Rules, for instance, is the perfect way to route your incoming messages. Labels are added to specific rules that are activated by incoming messages, and to specific teams. This creates an efficient workflow for your customer support team.

Automation screenshot.png

You can also add labels to chatbot conversations. If there’s no customer support agent available to respond to a chatting customer, their case is automatically sent to the correct team by assigning the label. The final step in creating the perfect workflow, completely automated to your customer support requirements.

Chatbot screenshot.png

Adding specific labels to email channels and hybrid chat creates a structure and routing that works for your company. Which messages need to go to which team?

How to get started?

Make sure you are logged in as an administrator. You can set up your Team Labels in the Casengo menu. Go to the top right corner of your Casengo inbox, click on the menu and hit "labels" under “more”.

  • Click on “ add labels”
  • Fill in your label name, hit the “enter button” and click save.
  • Your label is now made.
  • To add the label to your team, go to teams.
  • Select or create the team you would like to add the label to and select your label.
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