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WhatsApp Business for multiple users: how to go about it

If you want to use WhatsApp Business as a company, you will pretty soon need a multi-user solution. But which one? The size of your team and desired functionalities will determine what suits your organisation. Below, I will explain the options as simply as possible. Still have questions afterwards? We are here for you!

13 October, 2022
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If you are going to use WhatsApp for business, there are two applications to look into: the WhatsApp Business App and the WhatsApp Business API. Both are suitable for multiple users, but they differ in quite a few ways. I have listed the differences below:

Multiple users via the WhatsApp Business App

This is WhatsApp's free mobile business application for receiving and sending WhatsApp messages. It can be used by up to five people/devices simultaneously, including a maximum of one phone. This application is mostly used by small businesses that don't need to handle many conversations via WhatsApp.

The advantages of the WhatsApp Business App

  • Suitable for a small team
  • Perfect for little customer contact
  • Instant download
  • Free of charge

The disadvantages of the WhatsApp Business App

  • Required: the actual presence of a phone
  • Only 1 phone to be used simultaneously
  • Max. 5 users at the same time
  • No collaboration features
  • No view on which team member responded
  • Hardly any overview due to lack of labels or message status
  • No complete customer view due to stand-alone tool

Getting started with the WhatsApp Business App

In short: do you expect to handle a manageable number of WhatsApp messages? Then the WhatsApp Business App is a perfectly fine choice for you. Download the WhatsApp Business App for free from the App Store or Google Play Store

Are you expecting more messages in the near future, or would you like to benefit from more functionalities? Then be sure to read on.

Multiple users via the WhatsApp Business API

The WhatsApp Business API is the business WhatsApp solution for medium and large businesses, for handling many WhatsApp messages without limitations. Using the API requires integration with a customer conversations platform like Grasp. This application is widely used by larger service or sales teams, processing lots of WhatsApp messages. You connect your WhatsApp number directly to WhatsApp, and answer all your messages - also from other channels - from a single team inbox. This unlocks many extra options.

The advantages of the WhatsApp Business API

  • Unlimited number of users simultaneously
  • Unlimited number of devices simultaneously
  • No actual presence of a phone required
  • Chatbot support possible, convenient answer templates and autoreplies
  • Collaboration features (owner, comments, tagging)
  • See which team member responded
  • Create an overview with labels and message status
  • Insight in performance
  • Create a full customer view with a single tool
  • Integration possible with other systems
  • Direct access to order information

The disadvantages of the WhatsApp Business API

  • Costs per conversation (from 1.000)*

*The costs per conversation depend on which party initiated the conversation. Read more: WhatsApp Business pricing: what to take into account

Getting started with the WhatsApp Business API

Do you want to use all of the functionalities offered by the WhatsApp Business API? At Grasp, we unburden you with WhatsApp Business verification and further setup. Request a trial and try Grasp for free for 14 days.

Still have questions about WhatsApp for multiple users? Or would you like an online demo, no strings attached? Feel free to contact us. We’re here for you!

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