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Chatbot for WhatsApp has arrived

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6 April, 2022
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We live in hectic times. With consumers being more demanding than ever - and perhaps a smaller service team - customer messages risk slipping through the cracks. How can you respond efficiently without putting too much pressure on your team?

We are proud to present our new feature: Chatbot for WhatsApp! Relax and allow the chatbot to respond to your customers via WhatsApp. Offer support without the assistance of an employee. This way, your team focuses on more complex issues that truly need a human touch.

How does Chatbot for WhatsApp work?

We’ve designed our Chatbot in such a way that automated conversation flows guide the conversation. You can easily configure these flows yourself - which is logical, as you know your customers better than anyone else.

Within the team inbox, the Chatbot behaves like one of your employees, and communicates with your customers as such. Chatbot conversations are recognised as separate conversations, so your employees can easily assess them and take over if necessary.

The right answer from the chatbot

The chatbot offers your customer multiple choice options, dishing out the right answer. At the back end, the chatbot follows the created conversation flow. This way, you let the chatbot respond to the most simple or the most frequently asked questions, empowering your team to focus on the complex issues

How can you connect the Grasp Chatbot?

Chatbot is available in the Enterprise or Custom package. Through your avatar, go to 'Settings' and activate the chatbot via 'chatbot flows'.

→ Read more about setting up your chatbot

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