Have your WhatsApp messages automatically followed up by a chatbot. Improve response times, unburden your team and boost your conversion rate

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Improve your response times

Using a chatbot, you are always there for your customers.

Support your service team

Answer simple questions automatically and save time for complex issues.

Simple set-up

Without technical knowledge or developer intervention.


Guide customers to the right place

With a chatbot, you help customers quickly on their way with the right answer. Ideal when you get lots of similar questions. The chatbot can, for instance, automatically refer to frequently asked questions, or connect customers to a real employee.


Improve your response times

Following up on WhatsApp messages with a chatbot immediately improves your response times. Your customers get instant attention, without having to wait for an employee. Do they still need a personal reply? Then an employee simply takes over the conversation from the Grasp team inbox.


Build it yourself, without technical knowledge

Grasp allows you to easily put together a chatbot flow. Easy does it! Determine the salutation, various selection options and the way you talk. Within a few minutes, your personal assistant is online.

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Boost conversion and support your serviceteam

For multiple brands or WhatsApp numbers
Connect the chatbot to multiple WhatsApp numbers, from other brands as well.
Smart conversation flow
Guide customers to the right answer, or link them to an employee.
Easy set-up
Configure your chatbot flow without technical knowledge or developer intervention.
Reduce response times
Reply immediately to customer queries, reducing response times.
Label chatbot conversations
Add labels to chatbot conversations and prioritise follow-up.
Gather insights
Track how many WhatsApp conversations the chatbot handles, what the response times were, and more.
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Chatbot for WhatsApp customer service

Use the chatbot for your customer service and unlock a world of possibilities. This way, customer queries are always addressed immediately and your service team pitches in straight from the Grasp team inbox.

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