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Multiple channels, more messages, better service

Whether your service department receives fifty or thousand messages a day, it’s crucial.

Omnichannel Scale up
Team size

To deliver fast healthcare whilst enjoying short lines of communication

Attenza specializes in home palliative and terminal 24-hour care, a business in which time plays a major part: as someone lays dying, the right care plan must be launched quickly. There’s a lot to be done in a very short time. Only with fast, accessible and easy lines of communication, everyone involved can be kept in the loop, from care providers and (family of) clients to referrers.

To keep growing without losing touch with our clients

In the early days at Attenza’s, Google Workspace worked well enough to deal with customers. Every morning someone tidied up the inbox by assigning emails to the right colleague or by responding right away. Even back then, general director Rutger Kleinjan wanted to add more communication channels, but he was afraid of jeopardizing Attenza’s excellent service level. 'We believe that every message, regardless of the channel, deserves the same share of attention. To achieve this on a popular channel like WhatsApp, we needed help, so we started looking for a solution that would give us more overview.’


Easily add new channels

At the end of 2020, during a corporate reorganization in which the team structure was revised, the search was on for a software provider that wanted to think along with Attenza: how to become a multichannel organization without losing the overview? Rutger: 'Grasp came across our path fairly quickly. Its smart inbox fits perfectly with a growing organization like ours, and on top of this we also felt a connection with its support team. Grasp continuously thinks along with us and takes our specific wishes and needs into account, which makes all the difference.' In January 2021, both the Service & Recruitment team and the Client Contact & Quality team started working with Grasp. They had already been working with the new inbox for a month. ‘The transition went smoothly. Whichever channel you add, all messages neatly end up in the inbox - including WhatsApp conversations.’


A well-oiled multichannel organization

Every month, Attenza handles about 3 to 4,000 conversations, a large chunk of which through WhatsApp. ‘It all runs smoothly with Grasp. We’ve made so much progress just by being so much more accessible. We now realize that certain target groups prefer certain channels.' Care providers, for example, have a preference for WhatsApp, whilst the referrers often go for email. Whichever channel you choose, you always experience the same service and attention. Thanks to Grasp, we communicate quickly with care providers, so that they can deliver fast healthcare. We keep an overview over multiple channels; no single message slips through the cracks. Plus: we work together more easily, and our mutual communication has improved.'

Undivided attention begins with Grasp

  • Accessible in a flash through multiple channels
  • Continuous English support
  • 14-day free trial