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Gamecardsdirect started 10 years ago as a small buyer and seller of game cards, growing into an online retailer active in 4 countries and a team of 6. And it now offers more than just game cards. "I am always actively looking for new ways to further develop my business," says founder and CEO Sven Hanssen. "We now also sell vouchers for music, movies, prepaid credits and cryptocurrency."

Good customer service plays a big role at Gamecardsdirect. Kindness comes first. "If you call us, or send us a message through email, social media or live chat," says Berend van Leunen (customer service & IT), "you should get the feeling that you're talking to a friend, who will help you with that voucher for your brother."

A complicating factor is that Gamecardsdirect has very different types of customers, which requires a lot of empathy from the team. "From gamblers to grandmothers, they all buy a voucher at some point,” says Berend. “And they all have their own favourite channel of communication. Elderly people mainly call us, whilst younger customers send emails. Young people in particular can be impatient: if we don't respond quickly enough through the traditional channels, they get in touch through socials or live chat. The gamers and gamblers that shop with us are also very used to quick responses. They want to wait as short as possible for an order or an answer to their question."


Flexible customer service software for a growing company

How can a company offer fast and good service, with multiple employees, in four countries and counting? It was swimming against the rising tide of messages. Apart from kindness, customer service at Gamecardsdirect is also very much about speed. With an ambitious vision - to offer everyone any kind of prepaid voucher in a simple way - mistakes have to be solved fast and questions demand a quick answer. The team doesn't work 24/7, but customers always receive a personal response within 24 hours (and often within the hour) - in Dutch, English, German or French.

Pretty impossible without an overview. After four years of juggling too many balls in the air, Sven started looking for a platform that would give him back the overview. "We also wanted a chat function and some social media. And we had to be able to easily add new users to the platform, because I had - and still have - big growth plans."

Smooth contact with Grasp

From a Google search in 2016, Grasp (then Casengo) emerged as a good candidate to regain the overview. The price was the deciding factor to start a trial. Sven remembers the trial well: "During that period, the Grasp team was remarkably helpful. They think along and are just as committed to achieving the best results as we are. But we didn't need much help, really. In 2018, we also linked Facebook Messenger and Instagram to the inbox, and that went smoothly."

Extra channel or new country? No problem!

Gamecardsdirect receives 4.6 stars on Trustpilot. Alongside the company’s fast delivery, the reviewers often mention the speed of its customer service. "Grasp makes sure that the flow of incoming messages is easily managed,” says Sven. “It's our service team’s beating heart; everything comes together in a logical, well-organised way."


Gamecardsdirect has almost 3,000 conversations every month. Messages that arrive on weekends or at night are waiting for the first employee to start the computer the next working day. "He or she tidies up the inbox, working from the least to the most recent message," says Berend. "First, (s)he removes the spam and then moves on to the real questions: answering, resolving, tagging or forwarding." Of all customer queries, 15% are chat messages, 10% are Facebook messages and the rest are emails. Berend and his colleagues enjoy working in the Grasp inbox. "We can get to work quickly and handle questions at lightning speed; it just works well. At first, you have to learn how to sort and annotate messages, but after that, it’s all very simple." Many questions are about the same subject (wrong voucher ordered, code not received, problems with redeeming), so the predefined messages are eagerly used. Soon, the company will also be active in Austria, but Sven is not at all worried about his customer service team getting busier. "With Grasp, we keep an overview, no matter how many customer queries we receive.”

Undivided attention begins with Grasp

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